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Wire EDM

EDM is an unconventional process, as there is no contact between the tool and the workpiece that has to be machined. Rather, electrical discharges are used to perform erosion in the machining and cutting of metal parts.

Specifically, we at Meccanica Tecnica are specialized in both wire and die-sinking EDM to guarantee the customer extremely precise profiling of parts. These modern technologies make it possible to machine alloys and hard metals that otherwise could not be subjected to conventional methods. Any conductive metal can be cut, including even hardened steels. We can cut parts up to 500 mm in height.

For more details or to request more precise technical information, please contact us. We operate actively in the province of Bologna and Emilia-Romagna.


The Wire EDM Process

Wire EDM is a different kind of EDM technology that uses a brass or copper wire, electrically charged, to obtain the desired workpiece. The wire flows continuously during machining and is subject to wear due to electrical discharge.

The main feature that distinguishes wire EDM is the possibility to produce very precise parts at extremely high cutting speeds. Since only one tool is required, wire EDM is also the economic alternative instead of milling, grinding and broaching.


Customization and speed of execution

Compared to the possibilities offered by lathing and milling, wire EDM has a number of specific advantages:

  • Extreme levels of precision and complex shapes even with inclined surfaces.
  • Precision cuts on any type of conductive material.
  • Customization, making geometric and volumetric shapes.
  • Fast processing times.
  • Processing of surfaces that have undergone chemical or thermal treatments.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We are active in the province of Bologna and throughout Emilia-Romagna.