Meccanica Tecnica: cutting-edge precision

Meccanica Tecnica Srl is an historical company founded in 1968 with a very precise idea: to offer a quality solution to the customer. This means having the latest solutions and technologies on the market in the field of precision mechanics.

Just think that back in the day we worked with pantographs, ancestors of 3D milling machines, and in 1971 we implemented plunge erosion, we were firsts in Modena. Later we introduced CNC milling and we can say as well that we were pioneers with the adoption of CAD/CAM in 1981.

Today, we are proud to say that we are able to provide our customers with 360° technical solutions: design, manufacturing and testing are essential phases that define the true meaning of the word “quality”.

Among all our exellent machines such as milling and welding machines, 3D printers are certainly included. We invested time and resources in the addition of this cutting-edge additive technology, knowing that it would certainly increase and greatly improve the productivity of each individual part, and so it was. Just as we started out as manufacturers of metal components, we have also evolved and expanded into processing materials such as plastic and resin to create prototypes and designer items.

We invite you to contact us for additional information or technical details about our services. We actively operate in the provinces of Modena and Bologna.


The technology of the future


What we work with

The wide range of processes we deal with includes:

  • Wire and die-sinking EDM;
  • 5-axis milling (prototypes, small series and finishing);
  • Special grinding;
  • Micro-drilling;
  • Laser Marking;
  • Laser Welding;
  • Metal, plastic and resin 3D printing for prototypes and small series.

We work all types of metals, including aluminum, stainless steel, copper and titanium. Biomedical, food, packaging, automotive/racing are our main sectors in which we bring the professionalism and experience that has always distinguished us

To support our customers, who always come first for us, we have implemented and perfected a dedicated service of Reverse Engineering. This is an extremely useful design methodology in case you no longer have the CAD models of a prototype but only the physical object. In this field, CAD/CAM design software allows to obtain a three-dimensional structure that will then be produced.


A fleet of machinery to be proud of

Maintaining an innovation and revolution-based philosophy, we now have a very large and advanced fleet of machines.

We have a few “service” machines and count eleven five-axis milling machines, four wire EDMs, three sinker EDMs, five laser welders, two laser markers, three measuring machines, one FDM 3D printer and three BMD metal 3D printers.

Over time, we have become a fundamental point of reference for the industries operating in the provinces of Modena and Bologna. Why? What has always differentiated us from the competition is the high speed in milling and the use of laser in virtually every sector. Speed, precision and quality are goals that can be reached only thanks to the latest generation of instruments and a staff of passionate, trained and professional technicians; all characteristics that Meccanica Tecnica possesses.

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