Energy sustainability awards

Meccanica Tecnica has obtained important recognitions in the course of over 50 years of experience that testify its commitment to the environment and the management of electrical resources.

In 2021, we obtained the Energy Sustainability Certificate from Repower, a company that specializes in providing energy efficiency services and electric mobility solutions to small and medium-sized companies. The ASE (Energy Sustainability Analysis) is a qualitative survey that measures a company’s energy sustainability index. The certification is based on criteria such as: energy supply, optimization of consumption, prevention and safety, lighting, plant interventions and electric mobility. We are proud of our photovoltaic power plant that can produce up to 200 kWp, reducing our carbon footprint.

Another important recognition by Repower is the certificate energy source, which certifies that the green electricity used by Meccanica Tecnica is produced, in 2021, by the water plant in Grosio (SO), which operates without emissions that could be harmful to air or water quality.

We invite you to contact us to ask for our advice, sure of being able to count on our know-how and continuous updating. We are active in the province of Verona and in the main centers of Emilia-Romagna.

Certificate of origin

Certificate of sustainability