Wire and Plunge EDM

EDM (also known as electrical discharge machining) is a special machining technique that uses electrical discharges to erode metals.

Due to its characteristics it allows you to:

  • Machining very hard metals such as hardened steel;
  • You can achieve very complex shapes that can may result difficult or impossible to other traditional techniques;
  • Manage your work with great precision.

Machining is done by bringing a tool called “electrode” closer to the material to be machined. When both materials are sufficiently close, discharges occur between the two, eroding metal in a way that is complementary to the shape of the electrode. During machining, the electrode never comes into contact with the metal due to the nature of this technology, instead we have sparks that are the cause of erosion.

The Meccanica Tecnica team offers both wire and die-sinking EDM services. The machines we use have the capacity to cut up to 500 mm in height with 35° taper, wires of Ø 0.1 mm diameter and finishes with roughness up to 0.1 Ra. We are able to work on very hard and resistant materials, putting at our customers’ complete disposal the best technologies for the realization of industrial components and moulds.

For additional details or to request our advice, please contact us through the appropriate section. We are active in the provinces of Modena and Verona.


Wire EDM

This type of EDM uses wire, varying between brass and copper, which, when electrically charged and brought close to the workpiece, has the ability to erode it. In this implementation, a conductive wire is used as an electrode to cut or profile the workpiece.


Die-sinking EDM

For die-sinking EDM we use a linear axes machine, controlled C axis and automated with electrode changer. In this application, the main purpose is to make a complementary shape of the electrode in the part we are working with.

Characteristics of EDM machining

EDM has unique characteristics that relate to different aspects:

  • The hardness of the material to be machined is irrelevant to the machining process. It is possible to work with hard and resistant metals, even if they are subjected to chemical processes.
  • You can machine the part by creating different geometric or volumetric figures. You can create ribs and cavities with shapes or profiles otherwise difficult to achieve with other technologies.
  • You can achieve different levels of roughness by working with different kind of voltages and current applied to the surface via copper or graphite electrodes.

If you need precision mechanical components obtained with EDM procedures, both wire and die-sinking, do not hesitate to contact us. We actively operate in the provinces of Modena and Verona.