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Production of moulds with die-sinking EDM

In the production of industrial moulds die sinking EDM allows to realize special parts characterized by precision, good finishes and repeatability.

Sinking EDM uses an electrode to erode metals in its complementary shape, which can usually be made of copper or graphite. This is why it is perfect in case of metal prototypes, molds and dies defined by unique details that must be produced in series or small batches.

Our company is specialized in both wire and die-sinking EDM, always guaranteeing an optimal level of efficiency and precision.

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Detailed Parts

With die-sinking EDM, you get exactly the part you want. It is also possible to machine very hard metals and generally any material that conducts electricity.

This EDM process involves submerging the electrode in a dielectric fluid (distilled water, mineral oil or deionized water). No form of contact is involved, which negates any sort of mechanical stress.

Typical applications involve the application of die-sinking EDM in the world of molds, where it is required to machine difficult to cut materials and guarantee their mechanical, physical and thermal characteristics.


Graphite, copper and brass in die-sinking EDM

In die-sinking EDM it is essential that the materials used for the electrode-tools are resistant to electrical discharge and easy to machine.

Graphite, copper and brass are the mainly used materials, since they meet the standards we just listed above. In detail, graphite has a high melting point, which makes it perfect for resisting electrical discharges; copper and brass are easy to work with and ideal for making fine and complex parts.

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