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Precision Laser Welding

Meccanica Tecnica’s internal department of precision laser welding is equipped with qualified technicians and the latest high tech machinery.

Laser welding allows to perform an extremely effective and accurate repair of damaged metal components, starting from the preparation of each single part, up to the optimal restoration, as agreed with the customer during the commission phase. Laser technology allows us to weld in an extremely localized spot, guaranteeing the hardness of the part and offering the possibility of working with thin thicknesses using the micro-welding technique, which otherwise would not be weldable.

We invite you to contact us for detailed information on precision laser welding for third parties or to request a custom quote. We operate in the provinces of Verona and Modena.


Laser welding for component repair

Laser repair welding is performed starting whith the preliminary process of removing the old coating/paint/slag or rust, in order to obtain a clean part to work with.

The laser beam generates a melting bath on the surface of the component, where welding material is subsequently melted. Thanks to this technique it is possible to obtain robust coatings and carry out solid and long-lasting repairs. The laser can be used on complex areas such as deep grooves or internal and external edges.

Successful applications over the years include the repair of molds, bearings and shafts, valve seats and turbine blades.


Laser micro-welding: the detail that makes the difference

Meccanica Tecnica has invested over the years in laser micro-welding. With this tecnique it is possible to perform weldings of a few hundredths of a mm and on any shape, linear or complex, using the desired material.

The great advantage of this technology comes with the absence of risks related to the distortion of the piece or the alteration of the material.

Quality always comes first and that is why we are a partner of excellence in the provinces of Modena and Verona for the execution of precision mechanical projects studied in detail.

Contact us to request additional information and technical details.