Precision laser welding

Strengthened by our experience in the field of precision mechanics, at Meccanica Tecnica we only use the most modern technologies for the production of industrial components and parts.

Among the different professional processes that we are able to manage there is laser welding, an advanced technique that allows you to weld together two metal pieces. Thanks to the use of the latest generation of machines, it is also possible to use the potential of laser welding to renew worn components, restoring their original function and not requiring, therefore, a complete replacement.

Molds, prototypes and mechanical manufacturing of all kinds can be subjected to precision laser welding. The great advantage is that it allows to avoid deformations of any kind in the piece. Welding takes place under a microscope, in fact it can be defined as micro-welding. This aspect gives you full control over the processing phase, given the special feature of the laser of being able to operate in circumscribed areas. We can guarantee that tolerances and geometries stay unchanged by working with extreme attention to detail.

For more information on our laser welding service or to request the price of the intervention, please contact us. We operate throughout the province of Bologna and in the main centers of Emilia-Romagna.


Precision and quality


The cutting edge of welding

As demonstrated above, laser welding makes it possible to achieve higher process speeds and greater penetration levels than traditional welding technologies. This technique is highly advanced in terms of thermal expansion, reduction of imperfections such as porosity, high reduction of the thermally altered zone while still ensuring excellent mechanical characteristics.

Laser welding is a recent technology that allows to make repairs on molds, inserts and other parts by coating material in an argon atmosphere during the process.

This technique ensures efficiency, high productivity and precision in the welding process, guaranteeing an economic and advanced production model.

The advanced tools that Meccanica Tecnica uses allow us to adopt laser welding in various applications such as the automotive, electronic, medical and aerospace sectors.


Advantages of laser welding

The advantages of laser welding are plenty:

  • Limited heat introduction;
  • Minimal deformation of parts;
  • No tooling;
  • Minimal metallurgical damage;
  • High robustness;
  • Very high speed of work;
  • Easy integration into production;
  • Low cost per weld in high volume applications.

Advantages over other welding methods are:

  • The weld bead can be very small (a few tenths of mm) and areas adjacent to the welded area are not affected.
  • Repairs even in hard-to-reach places, such as slots or holes, on complex areas such as edges, corners, grooves.
  • Very low heat input, no need to preheat the workpiece.
  • Weldability of many materials such as steel (even of hardness up to 60 HRC), aluminum, bronze and copper alloys, titanium.
  • Weldability of different materials (e.g. steel with copper).

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