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3D Printing of Plastic Industrial Prototypes

3D technology is primarily used in product prototyping. Today there are more and more innovations and opportunities for the plastics industry.

At Meccanica Tecnica, we use the best technologies to satisfy customers who entrust our proven expertise in designs and projects, with the goal of achieving precision manufacturing in series and prototypes of plastic industrial components.

We use a wide range of technopolymers, elastomers and composites, always guaranteeing optimal levels in terms of flexibility, resistance, stability and efficiency of every single piece.

Please contact us for any further specification or to ask for detailed information about the price of the processing. We are active in the provinces of Verona and Modena.


The future of precision mechanics that you can touch with your hands

The advantages of additive 3D printing over traditional technologies include reduced production time and the ability to achieve very high levels of precision.

Polymer 3D printers are a great solution for both look-and-feel and functional prototypes. In addition, engineers can use 3D printing to test designs and functionality before going into production.


Plastic materials at the base of our production

Some of the main plastic materials we are able to use include:

  • ABS-M30: as versatile as ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) but more robust and durable.
  • ASA: robust and UV resistant material.
  • TPU 92A: thermoplastic polyurethane that combines flexibility and stretchability with abrasion and tear resistance.
  • PC-ABS: combines the best characteristics of polycarbonate and ABS, combining the heat resistance of PC and the flexural strength of ABS.

To know the details of our 3D printing service for plastic materials, please contact us. We actively operate in the provinces of Verona and Modena.