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Finishing metal components

Metal finishing aims at perfecting the surface of products and making them aesthetically as accurate as possible.

Meccanica Tecnica is specialized in surface machining of prototypes and industrial parts that have undergone the roughing process to eliminate metal in excess.

Finishing is a phase included in the 5-axis CNC milling and it is fundamental to definitively eliminate imperfections, reach the desired dimensions of the product and reduce the roughness of the surface.

Rely on us for the finishing process of metal components. We operate actively in the province of Bologna and throughout Emilia-Romagna.


Surface finishing

The process of metal surface finishing aims to ensure a longer life to an industrial component. Thanks to this process, it is possible to create a protective layer to make the surface less rough, robust and less subject to the action of erosion, while respecting the purpose and field of application for which it was designed.

The methods of surface finishing that we perform can be summarized in polishing and satin finishing, depending on the degree of roughness required by the customer in the design phase. We use the most suitable tools from the best suppliers to guarantee the best possible quality. Moreover, precision is guaranteed by the accurate paths managed by the best CAM systems.


The value of roughness in mechanical processing

To ensure that each customer receives the maximum quality and the required degree of roughness, at Meccanica Tecnica we follow the indications provided on the customer’s drawing and carefully evaluate the variables to be analyzed and the methods to be used. To obtain all this we use the best equipment (work centers), the best tools and the best CAM programs. Moreover, our automated machines with pallet changer guarantee repeatability.

Contact us to request our service of milling with surface finishing of metals. We operate actively in the province of Bologna and in the main centers of Emilia-Romagna.