5-Axis Milling for Quality Machining

The milling process involves the removal of small chips of material to obtain the desired form, specifically the 5-axis continuous milling is suitable in case of complex details to be performed.

Our company has the latest generation milling machines, characterized by high rigidity and dynamics, ideal for obtaining the maximum both in terms of precision and surface roughness.

We also have robotized machines with pallet changer for series productions and we range from small sized pieces (micro milling) to medium-large sizes. Our Röders centers are capable of 5 axis grinding.

You can check-out our list of machines in the specific section of the Machine Park.

Meccanica Tecnica is specialized in the realization of precision mechanical work at the highest quality, thanks to machines with linear motors and high-speed spindles that can mill and grind any shape with any hardness, with a roughness degree of 0.02 Ra and tolerances within a few microns.

You can contact us to request our 5-axis milling service or for any eventuality. We are active in Bologna and in the main centers of Emilia-Romagna.


Not only prototypes

Meccanica Tecnica is specialized in the realization of prototypes and single pieces. The work centers we use are equipped with the latest generation of tools and are constantly upgraded. Precision and repeatability are achieved and guaranteed to satisfy our customers.



In order to obtain a degree of roughness in compliance with the customer’s requirements our machines guarantee very high finishing standards thanks to rigidity and dynamics. Thanks to a competent and well prepared team we are capable to obtain excellent results both in precision and in final roughness.

Fields of application of milling

5-axis milling is used:

  • To produce high precision mechanical parts.
  • To produce prototypes or mass-produced parts thanks to machines equipped with pallet changer and tool magazine with more than 100 places.

Precision milling finds application in different contexts. It’s specifically used when there is need to create parts with a complex shape. Milling is a currently widespread method for the machining and production of metal parts, especially in the automotive industry, molds for plastic, die casting and high precision mechanics in general.

We are at the complete disposal of any industrial reality that wishes to collaborate with qualified experts in state-of-the-art precision mechanics. Do not hesitate any longer and contact us. We carry our services throughout Emilia-Romagna and, in particular, in the province of Bologna.