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Reverse Engineering

In the era of Industry 4.0, Reverse Engineering offers the possibility to reconstruct and obtain a CAD model of a finished part. It proves to be very useful when CAD models have been lost so is a key process to reproduce a product with the same functionality as the original.

It is based on a 3D scan and a specific software which can digitize a physical object. The Reverse Engineering of mechanical components is a cutting-edge service that several companies require in order to redesign in 3D products of which you have only a physical copy.

Having a 3D model obtained with Reverse Engineering allows you to perform quality and dimensional control for those samples already in production.

If you would like to obtain mathematical models of components, parts and prototypes, please contact us. We bring our services in the provinces of Verona and Modena.


We recreate the invisible

Reverse Engineering is a service used to recreate a three-dimensional profile or model when the only existing things are the part or detail to be scanned, or alternatively it is useful to verify the final part with the existing 3D model.

The traditional Zeiss and Nikon optical machines are ideal for reconstructing two-dimensional shapes, while for 3D shapes we have a Zeiss Comet blue structured light scanner, which recreates the three-dimensional model and can compare it to the geometric model for various measurings, when it exists. Once the 3D model is obtained we are able to process it for eventual machining or simply give it to the customer.

Our methodology for performing Reverse Engineering changes depending on the customer’s needs.


Why use reverse engineering?

You can use reverse engineering for a variety of reasons. Among the main ones:

  • Getting the mathematical model of an existing part, to develop a new and complementary design.
  • Lack of a CAD model of a part.
  • Dimensional and quality control.
  • Re-work physical prototypes.
  • Updating CAD models.

If you have lost the original models of prototypes and components that you want to update and recreate, contact us to request our Reverse Engineering service. We bring our experience in the provinces of Verona and Modena.