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Prototypes and small custom runs

The great advantage of 3D printing technology is that it allows us to produce prototypes and pre-production runs in quantities as small as 10, 100 or 1000 pieces. The result is a finished product, made within the timeframe agreed with the customer.

The target of Meccanica Tecnica, in the field of prototyping and small series, is to manufacture the first components of a production, to test both efficiency and quality of the details, before continuing with the development on a large scale.

Precision 3D printing allows you to cut costs and delivery times of the finished product, while still ensuring optimal results and customized, functional products. We at Meccanica Tecnica specialize in the use of additive technology.

If you are looking for a precision mechanical workshop active in the production of prototypes and small series for the industrial sector, we invite you to contact us. We actively operate in the provinces of Modena and Verona.


Steps to 3D Printing Prototypes and Small Batches

Phase 1

Designing with 3D CAD software is an essential step in the production of additive 3D printed prototypes and small runs. If the customer has cad models, we can go into production. If not, we provide our customers with state-of-the-art reverse engineering.

Phase 2

Once the three-dimensional model has been obtained, we carry out the actual realization of the series and verify that the piece complies with the aesthetic and functional standards. Moreover, we personally check the production tolerances.

We deliver, in this phase, an exemplifying prototype of how the pre-series will be produced.

Phase 3

We complete the procedure with the creation of the small series of the requested components, complete with all the functional characteristics, and in line with what was outlined in the customer’s drawing.

Each phase just outlined is carried out in continuous collaboration with the customer, with the sole objective of satisfying every request and constructive need.


The goals of prototypes and pre-series

Prototyping and pre-production is an efficient way to test the validity of a mechanical part before large-scale production.

It is possible to identify problems, more or less recurrent, and improve the product from different points of view. Think, for example, of a mold that will be used for the creation of a large number of components for the food industry, biomedical, etc.; in this case the performance must be properly verified during the prototyping phase.

Contact us for further technical details or to request a custom quote. We carry our services in the provinces of Modena and Verona.