Precision grinding

We guarantee excellent levels of precision and surface finishes with milling as well, but when there is need to go further we can do so with grinding.

Our Röders machining centers are equipped with up to 5-axis milling and grinding.

The grinding wheel combined with linear axis movements generates smooth surfaces and accuracies in order of a few microns. These two operations are often consecutive to each other, without disassembling the part.

This is ideal for certain types of parts, such as punch-machine couplings, even conical ones, or special profiles.

For plane surfaces we use instead a tangential grinding machine, Okamoto ACC-84CA-iQ.

Please contact us for additional details or to request our precision mechanical grinding service. We are active in the provinces of Modena and Verona.


Pendulum grinding tools

Our machines have certain characteristics in order to be able to grind: linear motors and rigidity that guarantee very high dynamics, shape and positioning precision as well as a high revving spindle.

In the case of pendulum grinding, the specific tool is the grinding wheel, which can be of different types:

  • Diamond Grinding Wheel;
  • CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride).

In both cases the grinding wheels guarantee exceptional resistance to wear, constant quality and a high degree of finish.

The machine has on board an automatic regrinding system of the tool, in case of necessity.

We carry our services in the provinces of Modena and Verona. Get in touch with us for more information.