Components for packaging industry

Meccanica Tecnica is a reference point for companies specialized in packaging.

Packaging machines necessarily require parts and mechanical components that are both robust and efficient. Based on a design provided by the customer, we elaborate a model and use the most modern technologies for the production of parts for packaging machines, case packers, wrapping machines and palletizing systems.

CNC milling, EDM and precision grinding enable us to work even on very hard metals and to produce extremely precise components.

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When details make quality

Machine bodies, shafts, safety blocks and many others are the components that must necessarily guarantee the correct functioning of a packaging machine.

Our daily commitment aims at satisfying the specific requests of each customer, dealing first of all with the selection of materials and updating our fleet of machines. The study of the design allows us to identify the intended use of the single component and to establish with certainty the processes to be followed. Finally, we verify efficiency and resistance, carrying out quality controls and uncompromising testing.

All this is aimed at delivering a completely customized and unique precision mechanical product.


Correct packaging starts with details

The packaging sector has completely revolutionized areas such as the food industry and logistics. Technological progress has made it possible to create precision mechanical components for the correct performance of every single action of packaging machines, palletizers and any other packaging system.

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, today we can eat food in a much safer way, with the dual function of preserving it for a long time and keeping the properties of the raw material unaltered.

Meccanica Tecnica plays a role of primary importance in the supply of parts for important packaging companies located in the province of Bologna and throughout Emilia-Romagna.

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