Laser marking

Meccanica Tecnica has a laser marking machine available for engravings. It is a high tech machine suitable for creating precise numbering, logos, complex designs and engravings with small details. Small copper or graphite electrodes can be created, and laser marking can also be performed in 3D on CAD-modeled shapes.

Laser marking is a popular solution because of its flexibility, reliability and high performances. The process consists of a particularly intense beam of light that is directed onto the surface to be processed and a plotter head creates the desired marking.

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An extremely advantageous engraving technique

Laser marking is widely used into series production with a wide range of materials to make logos, alphanumeric codes for packaging or for traceability on packages.

Among the main advantages laser marking uses a technique that does not require the use of inks or other toxic substances and does not need any additional tools. These features distinguish laser engraving from alternative engraving or marking technologies.

Different application areas

Laser marking can be used in different application areas:

  • Electronic: for marking small components quickly.
  • Medical: laser marking can meet the basic hygiene requirements of this sector.
  • Aerospace: laser marking allows the permanent marking of various components without altering the characteristics of the material and therefore without compromising its integrity.
  • Automotive: not only serial numbers and nameplates but also backlit components are made with laser technology.
  • Promotional: ability to economically engrave production lots and even single pieces.

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